DetonatorX, Xcel Sport, Preworkout.

DetonatorX, Xcel Sport, Preworkout.

DetonatorX, Xcel Sport, Preworkout.
DetonatorX, Xcel Sport, Preworkout.
Brand: Xcel Sports Nutrition
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DetonatorX, Xcel Sports Nutrition, Test Boosting Pre-Workout

Detonator X Pre-workout by XCEL Sports Nutrition with NMDA:

  • N-Methyl D-Aspartic Acide Testosterone Booster.
  • Huge, Long Lasting PUMP.
  • Immediate Strength Gains.
  • Increased Energy, Endurance, Power and Vascularity.
  • Creatine FREE!

Are you ready for the most insane workouts you have ever experienced? Catapult yourself to the next level. With the added mass test booster, NMDA, you will increase strength and lean muscle mass. With Detonator X, you can experience crazy insane energy, mind blowing pumps and intense mental focus without jitters. NMDA is a lean muscle mass supplement that is great for bodybuilding and increasing strength!  

Not recommended for anyone under the age of 21

Note: This product may be clumpy due to inadequate moisture packets Vs. tub size. (If this product's powder is clumpy, it will not affect the potency. Clumps dissolve almost instantly in water). 

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