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Dymatize ISO, Casein, Xpand Stack

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  • Brand: Dymatize
  • Product Code: Iso, Casein, Xpand
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Dymatize: ISO-100, Elite Casein, & FREE Xpand 2X Stack.

Now with Full Size 36 Serving MPACT Pre Workout!

This special stack includes:

ISO-100 3 lb, low calorie, low carb, low sugar Hydrowhey Protein, 48+ servings

Elite Casein 4 lb, delicious & clean sustained release protein

FREE Xpand 2X 36 serving Preworkout

FREE Shaker Cup, while supplies last

FREE Shipping, with code (big3)

Similar to the, Joe Flacco stack, this is a great stack for anyone who has an athletic goal. Great taste and free stuff will keep you satisfied.

NOTICE: This series is no longer in production and may be short dated or expired.

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