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Kill Shot, Xcel Sports

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Kill Shot, Lean Muscle Building Prohormone, by Xcel Sports, Warfare Series

This product is temporarily Out of Stock (dec 19, 2014: Pending Formula Updates. Check back in a few days.

Kill Shot by Xcel Sports Nutrition is part of the new Warfare Series Prohormones. Xcel Kill Shot is a dual stack that combines the prohormone compounds Hexadrone and Epistane. This powerful combination results in an extremely effective muscle building and strength enhancing stack. Xcel Kill Shot will not convert to estrogen so gains will be dry lean muscle mass and very impressive strength increases. The inclusion of the time release agent Carbopol enhances the efficacy of each compound and ensures its delivery into your bloodstream.

Xcel Sports Kill Shot is very mild in terms of liver toxicity and side effects yet is capable of producing gains comparable to much harsher compounds!

Kill Shot includes the natural strength building compounds 5a-Hydroxy laxogenin and Beta-ecdysterone. These natural compounds were included to further enhance strength and protein synthesis. Also included in each capsule of Kill Shot is an organ guard formula to help keep you safe on cycle!

Proper On-Cycle and Post Cycle Support should be used with a cycle of Kill Shot.

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