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Xcel Colossus HX-Pro, Prohormone,

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Xcel Colossus HX-Pro, Prohormone, Free shipping with code (big3)

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Gain noticeable size and strength with COLLOSSUS HX PRO. Extreme gains are triggered by the unique Methylstenbolone and Max-LMG combination. Mixed with Halodrol, you will notice a decrease in body fat by the second week, increased vascularity, faster recovery, increased stamina and endurance, and also an increase in appetite and libido.


60 caps:

serving size, 1 cap:

Halodrol 25mg, Max LMG 20mg, Methyl Sten 4mg, Carbopol 15mg.

Xcel Colossus HX-Pro , Prohormone, Free Shipping, On sale, @ BigDansFitness.com

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Not for users under 21. 

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