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Labrada Power Carb Gametime 2 lbs

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Power Carb Gametime 2.2 lbs, Labrada, On Sale!


  • Increases muscle glycogen stores up to 1,200% faster than pasta, rice, or bread*
  • Ignites energy, supports longer, more intense workouts*
  • Promotes the effectiveness of other supplements you're taking*
  • Is pure and unadulterated - will not test positive for banned substances

Power Carb™ is a functional carbohydrate "superfood" engineered to rapidly replenish muscle glycogen, increase nutrient uptake, and support muscular function.* With Power Carb™, you will never suffer through a bad workout or flat athletic performance again!* That's because it's been carefully engineered by Labrada Nutrition researchers to increase glycogen stores inside your muscles - much faster than pasta, rice, or other carbohydrates.* This literally forces glycogen storage, supporting increased in energy and the ability to perform harder and longer.* And because every gram of glycogen pushed into muscles pulls in four grams of water, you can expect your muscles to fully hydrate, with your skin pulled tightly around them, promoting a more muscular appearance, starting with the first dose!*

How Does Power Carb™ Work?

Power Carb™ is a homogenous, relatively-complex carbohydrate made up of thousands of sugar molecules, joined together by glycosidic bonds to form branched macromolecules (large molecules). The molecular mass of Power Carb™ has been engineered to support gastric transit through the stomach at a rate much greater than common carbohydrates such as waxy maize, maltodextrins, breads, pasta, or rice.*


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