Infinite Labs Carnocre 11.7 oz

Infinite Labs Carnocre 11.7 oz

Infinite Labs Carnocre 11.7 oz
Brand: Infinite Labs
Product Code: Carnocre 11.7 oz.
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Featuring CarnoSyn!

Optimize Power Output, Fight Fatigue, And Promote Lean Mass!*

CarnoCre is a comprehensive beta alanine/creatine supplement designed to optimize power output, fight fatigue, and promote the generation of lean mass.* It does this through beta alanine supplementation that builds internal carnosine stores, which in turn serves as a buffer to lactic acid build up within your muscle.* This supports the delay of the onset of fatigue allowing you to push your body beyond its typical limit, optimizing power output for muscle gain.* Carno Cre also utilizes creatine to further benefit your performance.* Carno Cre is a superior supplement for 4 key reasons:

  • Formulated with CarnoSyn beta alanine, the only patented, scientifically studied form of beta alanine surmised to effectively buffer lactic acid and delay the onset of fatigue (aka "the burn")*
  • Designed with the Magna Cre Mito-Matrix, a 5-point creatine complex that allows for quicker, more available energy production promoting greater exercise performance and endurance*
  • Amino acid endurance matrix to support a greater pump and energy at the cellular level*
  • Electrolyte Blend to reduce the incidence of cramping*

What Carno Cre supports:

  • Greater Muscular Capacity*
  • Gains in Muscle Mass*
  • Increased Power Output*
  • Intense Muscular Strength*
  • Pleasant Tasting Supplement




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