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Controlled Labs White Flood 20 serv.

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White Flood, on Sale, By, Controlled Labs.

FLOOD your system for PEAK performance!

Citrulline, Carnitine and Ornithine have all been shown to enhance the natural anabolic effects of weightlifting, and even promote greater strength gains within weeks!* In the White Flood formula, doses of these 3 compounds are combined with Norvaline (a powerful arginase inhibitor), enhancing the absorption and simultaneously prolonging the effects of all 3 compounds.* With this controlled delivery system, these compounds can deliver incredible pumps and vasodilation.* As a bonus, this formula enhances the prevention of increased blood ammonia during training.*

Beta-Alanine helps support aerobic efficiency, and oxygen transport, and reduce lactic acid accumulation in the muscle tissue.* Many users also experience a tingling sensation from this compound that revs them up for their workout.

Tyrosine works synergistically with Caffeine and other ingredients to help boost your focus and stamina.

Beet Root is a source of naturally occurring nitrates that are important in the production of nitric oxide*. There have been recent clinical findings suggesting an increase in nitric oxide production as a result of drinking beet juice. Another benefit of including a naturally occurring nitrate source, versus a chemically manipulated one, is that beets are also a good source of Vitamin C. The studies on beet root also suggest an increase in endurance rates during training.*

GABA is an important neurotransmitter that has been traditionally used as an ergogenic aid.* When combined with the stimulants in our exclusive formula, users report a very unique effect that must be experienced to be believed. Users report a focused, relaxed, energy.

Glucuronolactone is a powerful naturally occurring compound that may increase focus and concentration, help fight fatigue, and support mood while providing an instant energy boost.* Combined with GABA and caffeine, you have the perfect combination to take your intense workouts to the next level.

Octacosanol is a 28 carbon long-chain saturated primary alcohol naturally occurring in sugarcane wax, spinach and wheat germ (the Octacosanol in White Flood™ is from sugarcane wax). Studies suggest that octacosanol may have ergogenic properties including the sparing of muscle glycogen stores and increasing the oxidative capacity of muscles.*

To put this formula over the top, we added Potassium Gluconate (which most closely resembles the potassium found naturally in fruit) and naturally occurring ergogenics like Methylxanthines, Evodiamine, and Vinpocetine that can potentially promote blood circulation and nutrient delivery, support focus and oxygen flow, and improve athletic performance. We also included natural antioxidants to aid recovery and support reduced oxidative (and other) damage to DNA.*

It's time to FLOOD YOUR SYSTEM.... with Controlled Labs most advanced preworkout Nitric Oxide and Energy Enhancer ever; White Flood™




20 Servings

Furious Fruit Punch


Supplement Facts


Serving Size:

~1Scoop(6.75grams)(11cc Per Scoop)

Servings Per Container:



Amount Per Serving


% DV*







Calories From Fat





(as Calcium Silicate)





(as Gluconate)





(as Folic Acid)





(as Selenium Amino Acid Chelate)





Nitric Flood Complex™




Citrulline, Ornithine And Carnitine Tartrate



FlooDurance Complex™




CarnoSyn® Beta-Alanine And L-Tyrosine



Live Energy Complex




Beet Root, Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA), Glucuronolactone, Natural Caffeine, Potassium Gluconate, Cocoa Bean (Extracted For 99% Methylxanthines), Evodia Rutaecarpa (95% Evodiamine Extract), L-Norvaline, Sugar Cane (Extracted For 60% Octacosanol), Vinpocetine, Zeaxanthin, Cryptoxanthin, Lutein, Folic Acid, Selenium, Huperzia Serrata (Extracted For 99% Huperzine A)



* Percent Daily Values (DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet


† Daily Value not established



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